ELANCYL TONING FOAMING SCRUB cleanses and brightens your skin. Ridding it of dead cells which clog it, it breathes again.
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Our skin has a life cycle like us, born skin cells live and die but can renew. Once dead, they are naturally pushed by the emerging new cells and fall of our skin. Sometimes the cell renewal slows and dead cells remain on our skin, preventing thus from skin's oxygenation. ELANCYL Laboratories have developed a Toning Foaming Scrub to remove dead cells and in the same way stimulate skin regeneration. Toning Foaming Scrub contains: Exfoliating Particles Of different sizes. They rid the skin of dead cells and allow the skin to breathe better. Ivy Extract as a draining and toning active component. Mild Cleansing Base. Soap-free, it effectively cleanses without attacking it.


Your skin got rid of the dead cells, it breathes again and your body's drained and toned.

Instructions for use

2 to 3 times a week, in the shower, massage your body with the TONING FOAMING SCRUB and rinse thoroughly.
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