Compex Mi-Fitness is a "personal trainer" that allows you to make personalized training and adapted to your physiology.
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CEFAR COMPEX (Electrostimulation)

Motor nerve electrostimulation accurately reproduces the muscular contractions because the electrical impulses excite the nerve fibres, themselves will transmit this excitation to the muscular fibres.

Compex stimulators are equipped with a constant current generator, releases a fully controlled electrical pulse regardless of the electrical resistance of skin and hair.

In addition, the various programs subject the muscles to different types of work, according to muscular fibres.

Electrostimualtion can also excite the sensitive nerves to obtain a pain-relieving result.

Pain relief Compex programs help to relieve sharp or chronic pains as well as muscular pains.


Compex Mi-Fitness is equipped with Mi technology that allows maximum efficiency adapted to the characteristics of muscles.
  • Mi™ Technology : Muscle Intelligence
    • Mi-Sensor function :A little sensor allows to adapt the stimulation sessions of physiology of different muscles.
    • MI-Scan function :This function adapts the electrostimulation session to the physiology of each user, probing the muscles selected and adjusting stimulation to this area of the body.
    • Mi-Action function :It combines voluntary muscular contraction and caused by electrostimulation, which increases the working muscle.
    • Mi-Tens Function :During the Tens program, it automatically readjusts the stimulation, taking acount of the measures recorded during the session, to avoid onset of muscular contraction, strongly counter-indicated for these programs.
    • Mi-Range function :It indicates the ideal energy adjustment range.


Mi-Fitness can you sculpt your body thakns to Mi™ Technology.

Programs offered by the Mi-Fitness

  • FITNESS : Aerobic, muscle building, anaerobic, muscle definition, step, power.
  • SPORT : Active recovery, stretching, body building, potentiation, regeneration.
  • PAIN RELIEF : Contracture, chronic pain, thoracic back pain, epicondylitis, low back pain, lumbago, cervical pain, torticollis.
  • BODY SCULPT : Toning, firming, shaping, abs, buttocks.
  • CROSS-TRAINING : Combined workout, cross-endurance, cross-resistance, cross-explosivity.
  • MASSAGE : Reviving massage, undulated massage, toning massage, anti-stress massage, relaxing massage.


  • A stimulator.
  • A battery charger.
  • One set of electrode cables.
  • One special electrode cable for Mi-Sensor system.
  • 2 bags containing 4 small electrodes (5X5 cm) and 2 bags containing 2 large electrodes (5X10 cm).
  • A user manual.
  • An applications manual with electrodes placements.
  • A belt clip.
  • A motor point pen and a gel sample.
  • A quick start guide.
  • A travel pouch.
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